Exploring the Top Most Unique University Majors Around the World

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University is a place that conducts various education and research activities and provides higher education. Here is a summary of some of the main functions:

  • Providing education: Universities primarily provide higher education, which includes courses at various levels, undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies.
  • Research: Universities are centers of research and encourage scientific and social research in various fields.
  • Arts and cultural events: Many universities organize various arts and cultural events, which may include cultural activities, art exhibits, and literary programs.
  • Student Development: The University strives for holistic development of students, which includes not only academics, but also skill development, thoughtfulness, and social enthusiasm.
  • Social Service: Many universities participate in various social works and projects to contribute to the society.
  • Global Request: Universities often organize various international events and collaborate with different countries for research and exchange to give their students a broader perspective on the global level as well.

Through these functions the university plays an important role in education, research, and social service.

Exploring the Top Most Unique University Majors Around the World

Stanford University

Exploring the Top Most Unique University Majors Around the World

Ranked second by both QS and THE ranking for engineering colleges globally, Stanford University boasts of offering a wide range of scholarships for both national and international students. One such scholarship for engineering aspirants at Stanford is the SGF or Stanford Graduate Fellowship in Science & Engineering.

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As part of SGF, Stanford supports 100 fellows every year by offering support in paying tuition fees as well as offering a stipend.

Who can apply: Candidates applying for Ph. D in the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, engineering, the basic sciences in the School of Medicine, and those social sciences, including education can apply.

Selection Procedure: Candidates are selected by the Graduate Fellowships Faculty Advisory Committee based on their research and study. Candidates need to demonstrate an ‘excellence’ level of research. The committee shortlists portfolios.

Where to apply: https://vpge.stanford.edu/fellowships-funding/sgf

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