Sidestep Barricade Begins Yet No Error In Hospital zone

Kolkata: The Kolkata Metropolitan Advancement Authority (KMDA) has begun work from Friday night to destroy and modify the line duct in the clinic zone at Mukundapur off EM Sidestep. Traffic redirections that became effective, in any case, represented no issue to drivers, ambulances or patients and their families.

KMDA authorities said three new cell-box ducts will be set up before the beginning of storm for better release of downpour water and to forestall waterlogging.

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Closed for KMDA

On Saturday, about a 100m stretch close to Mukundapur crossing was closed for KMDA to take up work. To forestall bottlenecks during top hours, the traffic police set up a signage close to Singhabari quit, requesting that little vehicles arrive at Mukundapur by means of the Medica cut-out and Barakhola Street. One more signage close to Mukundapur read: “No access aside from transport and smaller than usual transport”. The traffic barricade that happened on Friday night is probably going to stay for the following three months till the duct remaking is finished.

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TOI on Saturday visited the region during top hours and found that the 100m block on Mukundapur Principal Street prompted no traffic growl. Transports employing on courses 24A/1, as well as Santoshpur-BBD Sack small transports utilizing till Daspara Market by means of Mukundapur Principal Street, were tracked down continuing on the two flanks. The Detour crossing-bound transports moved to the next flank from where the stretch was blockaded. Confidential vehicles, taxicabs and ambulances likewise involved the two flanks of the street similarly.

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“There was no traffic turmoil on Barakhola Street except for the vehicles left on the side of the road might bring on some issues later. Had Mukundapur Primary Street been closed, traffic in this space would have gone haywire,” said Subrata Roy, a driver

Waterlogging after weighty downpour has been a well established issue for Mukundapur and encompassing regions.

Kolkata Metropolitan Advancement Authority

Kolkata is the capital of the state of West Bengal and a major city in India. It is situated on the banks of the River Ganges and is located in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. Kolkata is one of the oldest and major cities of India, which is considered a symbol of the meeting of Eastern and Western culture.

The history of Kolkata is very ancient and it was earlier known as Calcutta. It came to be called Calcutta during the British rule, and the city is still famous by this name.

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Kolkata has been an important center of the Indian freedom struggle and the ‘Quit India Movement’ started from here in 1942 under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

Kolkata has a wide and diverse cultural heritage, which has a unique blend of art, literature, music, dance, and leadership. Many major local festivals, galas and fairs are organized here which showcase different aspects of the city.

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Kolkata is also an extensive marketing and commercial center and is known as one of the centers of Indian metropolitan development. It is also an important center of the Indian administrative and judicial services, and many government offices and courts are located here.

Kolkata is also known for its grand infrastructure, historical sites, cultural heritage, and informal atmosphere. It is a wonderful and diverse city that preserves much of the Indian cultural heritage.

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